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Providing energy with our anaerobic digester

We are proud to be one of the first UK farms to invest in anaerobic digestion, producing renewable heat and power.

Construction of the Symonds Farm Power Anaerobic Digestion [AD] plant was completed in January 2012 and a full output of 1.4 MWh was reached in March 2012. The plant is currently producing electricity to the grid, as well as privately supplying Symonds Farm Business Park and Claas UK headquarters. The project benefitted from a Rural Diversification Grant (EAFRD).


The AD plant is designed to process 26,000t of feedstock, currently made up of forage maize, forage rye, sugar beet, and other non-[ABPR] Animal By-Products Regulated farm waste. Bringing forage crops into the rotation has offered cultural and rotational benefits in blackgrass control compared with a wheat/rape rotation. This is in addition to the fertiliser and soil conditioning value of the digestate, produced by the process when it is returned to the land.



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